Awww…Poor Donald :(

Donald Trump just can’t catch a break. It’s no secret that Trump has received the boot from social media for his outrageous posts which lead up to the Jan. 6th riots but Facebook is unsure of how they should handle MAGA’s finest. While Facebook is unsure of what precedent it would set if they permanently banned a US Citizen from their services I think Mr.Trump is the exception. I think he should be permanently banned for the direct threat he poses on the physical safety of US Citizens. We seen his dangerous rhetoric lead to the Charleston Protests, the Jan 6th riots and a steep increase in hate crimes in the US. Trump was only able to do this because he had the help of social media and its algorithms to spread his message and without it his influence is minimal. Even though we as journalists believe in free speech and expression Trump should be silenced from expressing himself on social media even if that means we will miss out on a potential story to report on.