I Pledge Allegiance

The homie Buay, a rapper/poet, approached us with his latest poem I Pledge Allegiance,” a powerful piece of work that I feel everyone should read.  Check it out below and let him know how you feel by hitting him on twitter @BuayMeetsWorld.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the land of thieves

Where gift wrapped black bodies are Christmas Eve

And no one is allowed to grieve

While bullets and burials are what we receive.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the mourning black mothers

Burying their seed in the non-fertile soil of White AmeriKKKa

Only to be dug up & put on the window sills of CNN & Suburbia

I pledge allegiance to levees that break and little boys and

Girls who don’t even when the world believes they should

To the White Man’s Genesis and the Black Man’s Jena Six |

And most importantly, Truth’s Nemesis

You see the premise is the End of this.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to CO-INTEL PRO wiretapping Fred Hampton

Waiting on the go to kick in the do’ and leave him on the flo’

Bobby Seale’s fate was sealed when he chose to keep it real

And I’ll spare you the details of what happened to Emmitt Till

Martin didn’t see the mountaintop because we settled for a hill

Malcolm said by any means, yet here we are..settling still.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to Huey and the little black boy worshipping

Louis – Not the 13th but the Vuiton Kanye had on, now do he..

Know that we were once the cultural focal point of the Earth?

How could he when he was taught to hate himself since birth?

Mansa Musa gave out gold..tell me what your soul is worth.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to 1969 and a button that rewinds

So I can tell Martin the line is fine between revolutionary

And reactionary kind

The Gift of insight’s a curse in the land Of the blind

Same ol’ book with a dustier spine

You ask that I be peaceful, but I decline and pick up the nine

Squeeze then reload three times

Peace? What has peace done for Palestine?

Close your eyes and open up your mind.

I pledge allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to Mike Brown being shot down

Shuck and jive little nigger! You’re not allowed to frown

Gunshots are lullabies, you’re not allowed to drown

Water-board ’cause you can’t swim nailed to the ground

Listen close and hear the sound of the white reaper

Tasting the color of slaves is similar to synesthesia.

I pledge allegiance to the United States of Amnesia.


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