Jill Abramson’s harsh take on the state of journalism

Jill Abramson’s latest book titled “Merchants of Truth” is a scathing look into the current state of journalism. Highlighting the works of trending media outlets such as Vice, Abramson’s Merchants of Truth shows us the future of journalism from her perspective.

Susie Banikarim head of VICE News gathering operations.

The world of journalism is growing and expanding with the times. The need to keep up with the rapid pace of society fueled by the likes of social media and endless content, media outlets constantly have to do things to grab our attention. This often leads to issues such as plagiarism and shock journalism which puts the value of journalistic integrity in a business where establishing the truth can either make or break an organization.

In “Merchants of Truth” Jill Abramson highlights BuzzFeed’s unique position in media.

In Abramson’s look into BuzzFeed she takes us into the mind of Jonah Peretti, the owner of BuzzFeed.